Mexico Mission Trip

JUne 17-23, 2018

River Church will be engaging in a short term mission trip to serve the poor of Ensenada, Mexico by building affordable family housing. This will be the sixth house River church has had the privilege to provide in the Ensenada area. The River Conference has been working with Yugo for over 10 years. This safe and family friendly trip is a great first time cross border mission trip to decide if foreign missions is for you. The Ensenda Campus has hot showers, a coffee shop, and internet access. They have both dormitory and family style sleeping arrangements. Meals and drinking water are provided. We will rendezvous at the Yugo Ensenada Outreach Center on Sunday, June 17. Teams will be building houses beginning Monday, June 18, and completing their work on Thursday, June 21. Friday, June 22, will be a day of sightseeing, and we will be returning on Saturday, June 22. 

Yugo Ensenada Outreach Center has a distinguished reputation for serving the poor in the Ensenada Mexico area for decades. Yugo is a great mission organization with a proven  record since the 1960s. Under the direction of Yugo - EOC, our teams will be working together serving families and building affordable homes. You will typically meet the family you will work with on Sunday evening for prayer. When you arrive at the home site on Monday, the concrete slab will already be poured and the materials will be laid out, and your construction foreman will give you direction. You do not need building experience and you do not need to speak Spanish to do this ministry. During the week your team will be learning various construction skills along with relationally connecting with the family you are serving. The built home will roughly be 400 square feet and will have minor electrical.


This entire venture should be viewed as a faith building adventure! Please pray in faith asking the Lord if you should make a commitment to this project. Ask the Lord to open your eyes as you engage the plight of the poor in Ensenada, Mexico and see how the Lord grows your faith! By committing to this ministry project you will watch your faith begin to grow in ways you've never dreamed. Your passion for Christ and compassion for others will begin to connect in ways that make a positive difference in the lives of everyone you touch, including donor partners and the families you minister to in Mexico. Through your involvement not only will your faith grow but you will also meet new people, develop new skills, and demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible ways as part of God's ongoing missional expression. 

Cost is $400 per person plus travel. Cost of the house is covered by funds donated during the Stronger Campaign.


For more information, visit Please email us if you would like to join our team on this trip.